Lindsay. Due Feb 14

In the middle of the night I came up with a concept for a maternity shoot.  I was not sleeping however, more like trying very hard to find sleep and be done with the day.  In these sleepless moments, I often come up with my best creative ideas. I am fairly sure that it may be a scientific thing with highly creative people.  By high creative people I mean the real great artists of the world and in their cases it is insomnia I believe.

 My sister Lindsay is expecting and she did not find out the sex, so this was the idea that I would use for her photos. It came together better than in my sleepy night time vision. The second idea was inspired by our late grandmother Ferne Leclaire.  We wanted to use some of her things that were precious to us.

If you are looking for a maternity shoot, I will fore go my sleep to think of that creative idea for you too.